Milo is the name of the robot, regardless of skin tone, when used with the Robots4Autism program.
Jett is the name of the robot, regardless of skin tone, when used with the Robots4STEM program.



Richard Margolin

Richard Margolin is the chief technology officer and co-founder of RoboKind. He attended Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut and the University of Texas at Arlington. He is no stranger to startups, having started many different companies before RoboKind. Richard came across studies that suggested robots could engage children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to help develop essential social skills, which is often difficult for children with ASD to understand. He has guided his team to create a cost-effective robot that can be used in schools and clinics around the world.

Fred Margolin

Fred Margolin is the co-founder of RoboKind and a serial entrepreneur who has created several companies in the insurance and finance field. With his experience, he helped develop RoboKind’s business plan and financed the company’s first venture. He also contributed to bringing the cost of building Milo down from $20,000 to close to $5,000. Now, he helps RoboKind develop marketing strategies and provides the right information to the public about the benefits their products offers. Instead of pushing the technological advances that Milo and RoboKind bring, they focus on the benefits Milo offers and the impact he has on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Greg Firn

Greg Firn is the chief operating officer and has over 33 years of experience in public education. He has a passion for working with underrepresented groups and improving their educational opportunities. He has been aiding RoboKind with driving statewide implementation of the Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM while providing guidance for school administrations looking to make a difference in their students’ lives.


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